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How do whistles generate a tone? Following the German Meyer's Encyclopedia 
of Conversation (Meyer's Konversationslexikon) from 1905: 
When regarding the so called lip-whistles  the airstream enters through the so called "whistle's foot" and exits through a narrow slit in order to make the airstream laminar before entering the "working parts" of the flute.  The airstream now meets the sharp edge of the sound hole, there being divided in two parts. The one part is entering the flute, compressing the air enclosed in the flute, thus generating an excess pressure onto the elastic air. The other part of the airstream meanwhile flows over the outside of the soundhole. The springy, compressed air now 
escapes from the interior of the flute through the sound hole, being inducted 
by the airstream flowing over the soundhole (Venturi-tube principle) , thus generating a lower pressure inside of the flute. The lower pressure will now 
force the airstream re-entering into the sound hole thus generating an excess pressure......and so on.  
So a rhythmically alternating high/ low pressure inside of the flute is generating 
the sound which can be heard.  
When looking at these high/ low pressure phenomenons, it's explained easily 
how a whistle will sound. 

Re: "What doess it have in itsss purssess?" (Poll) Date: 12/06/1999 Author: Jadite  <>   
i have in my handbag,...    
(my *very* full handbag...)    
white water-based facepaint (yes-facepaint)    
white face powder, (shimmery,-i added mica dust)    
black eyeliner (liquid)    
black eyeliner (kohl)    
gold and orange pixxi dust glitter,    
purply-blue pixxi dust glitter,    
miscellaneously glittery glitter gel,    
holographic glitter, (pixxi dust and chunky)    
holographic glitter gel,    
diamante thingies,    
black cherry lippy (sheer) (rimmel)    
juniper lippy (matte) (rimmel)    
blood lippy (sparkly) (spectacular)    
midnight sparkle nail gunk (spectacular)    
amethyst sparkle nail gunk (spectacular)    
nail files,    
black velvet bag in which i keep my Majickal thingies,    
another bvb in which i keep all my glitter,    
yet another bvb in which i keep my jewellery,    
a bv purse with about £2.00 in it,    
a box of matches with black lace trim,    
a roll of black lace,    
my keys,    
and the skull of an ermine (i turned it into an ocarina).    
i do have all this in my handbag.    

Next feud in WCW Yablo - Bischoff!!!  

Bischoff likes musical accompaniment, so he hires Yablo thinking his name was "Yeah, I Blow (the Ocarina)." Bischoff then finds out who Yablo really is and tries to void the contract. Meanwhile, Yablo sues and is allowed to feud with Bischoff. Bischoff uses Yablo to try to undermine the 
Austin-McMahon angle by saying "Well at least Yablo is man enough to accept my challenge."  
The next week the two have an "Ocarina bloodbath" match in which the first  
person to bust the opponent open with the ocarina wins the match. Yablo kicks  
Bischoff in the knees, grabs the Ocarina, pulls off his mask, and reveals  
himself as Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Jr. Then he hits Bischoff right between the  
eyes with the Ocarina, which was loaded with a brick. Bischoff gets the sense  
knocked back into him and starts to plan his bookings. 

I would bet that DVV played most instruments, in private. He seems like the sort of person who if he saw an instrument lying there he'd pick it up and try to play it. I had an uncle who could play the ocarina. It was, in fact, a blue swirl ocarina, but  
it wasn't five miles long. I never understood it. It looked like a cross between a potato and a recorder and had a haunting tone. I couldn't get any sound out of it. Icould see the connection, shapewise, as to how it would come up in "I Wanna Find A Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go", although that song is obviously about a lot more than yams, potatoes and ocarinas. I wonder if Don played the ocarina. He would have been an older pre-teen, I figure, around the time that ocarinas were popular(although they were never all that popular ever.) s/michael  

Come on and hold me tight   
[above riff]   
I love you   

A D E D A D E D   

[repeat verse]   

[ocarina solo over verse chords - no ocarina tab, but there are only   
four notes to it (E, G, A, and B) and you too should be able to play it   
withinfive minutes of picking up an ocarina]   

Break 2:   

Wild thing, I think you move me   
But I wanna know for sure   
So c'mon and hold me tight   
You move me  

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