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OCARINA SITES~ (A little Treasury of FolkWind Instrument makers and players)
FABIO MENAGLIO - Heir Apparent to the Budrio Tradition.  Maker of "Classic" Style after Donati.
OCARINA ORIGINATORS - John Taylor and Barry Jennings, developers of  Four-Hole "English Style" System.  Complete history, information, asides.
BRIAN RANSOM - He has been exhibiting and performing onhis original ceramic musical instruments and sound sculptures throughout the U.S. as well as internationally for the past eighteen years.
WOODEN DOUBLE OCARINAS - was the music of Nancy Rumbel and Eric Tingstad that first introduced Tom and Cynthia Smith to the magical sound of the ocarina. Cynthia being a wood-wind player, became enchanted with them and wanted to have a wooden double ocarina to play for herself. Nancy plays several created by Alan Albright...tutelage came about the spring of 2001 when Alan and Nancy spent a week with them in The Woodworkers Dream workshop with expert woodworker John Hartvigson...
THE WHISTLEPRESS - "Clay Whistles...the voice of clay"  (copyright 1989) is a book that has been helping teachers, craftspeople, and many other interested folks since 1990 to learn how to successfully create clay whistles and ocarinas, and hear" the voice of clay ".  Try a search at for the book. 
MR. HAYAKAWA - Most Delightful Pages, step by step.  Works in "Classic" Style.
Mr.Takashi Aketagawa - The pioneer in ocarina-maker Japan.  Mr. Takashi Aketagawa passed away on 1958. His son now manages his ocarina business.
The official Aketa website -
Cantare Ocarina - I make ocarinas in Japan. Please link my HP. - Kenji Ogawa's most delightful Ocarina pages from Japan.
K. DUNSTER - Ocarinas in a variety of whimsical aminal shapes.  Visit the whole site from here.
JANIE REZNER - Excellent double and triple chamber Ocarinas.
SONGBIRD OCARINA - The continuing adventures of Darryn Songbird
ANGEL SAMPEDRO DEL RIO - "I'm an Argentine flutemaker and craftsman. Because Mariana and I make all kind of objects in bamboo."
ANIMAL OCARINAS by Linda P. Stauffer - Bulldogs are approximately 4 to 4 1/2 inches tall. Turtle is 4 1/2 inches nose to tail.
SUSAN RAWCLIFFE - Explores primeval soundscapes as a master flute maker, player, researcher and master didjeriduist
CLAY-WOOD-WINDS- "I have been making flutes full time since 1976. Some of the materials I have used to make flutes include...clay-wood-winds..."
THE WHISTLEWORKS - John and Margaret Barry, our long lost compatriots and teachers.  Check the history pages.
YAHUBA/Edwin Gerena - Visit our clay flutes, whistles and ocarinas gallery. Each picture will take you to the specs page of the instrument, where you can see details and listen to sound samples.
Giorgio Pacchioni - "This web page will contain a complete documentation about my own ocarinas. Free sheets and scores a large historic repertoire and my compositions for the ocarinas ensemble. You can use my music freely but not for..."
BURNT EARTH GALLERY - Musical instruments created and built by Barry Hall.
ISOKA FLUTE - These wind instruments were seen as vital to the life of the Mayans and Incas.
RICK ROBERTS - "The vision for making these flutes came to me fully developed."
HIND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - We have recommended this person's work for years.  Wooden, Doubles! - Muriah Love's Raku Ocarinas
JANAKA'S - "Note:   these ocarinas are tuned to the Minor Pentatonic scale...I also tune them to Just Intonation tuning..."
"DRAGON OCARINAS" - Find Fred and his flutes at U of OK Medieval Faire, Scarborough Faire, OH Renaissance Festival, Hoggetowne, and  Steppin' Out in Blacksburg, VA. - These are not Ocarinas, but they certainly are among the greatest ceramic musical instruments we have ever seen.  Fully functional bugles made of porcelain.
Dombeck, Ocarinas, Udus - Check it out, we make ceramic dombek drums, ocarinas, and Udu drums.  Bizarre is what we are. Unique is what we seek...©1992 T. Demperio
Sixth Street Pottery - Family-run pottery with a decade of experience handmaking traditional, ceramic sweet potato ocarinas, whistles, clay jewelry, and unique reproductions of historical music instruments. - More Beautiful Japanese Ocarinas!
"Jacobsladder" The World's Only Ceramic Barrel Organ - "I have been building this organ for two years.  The pipes are made from a mixture of white clay and porcelain and are formed by hand. They are all carefully tuned and the sound is suprisingly warm and rich.  The music books, made from folded cardboard, are all cut out one by one.  If you stroll along my page I will tell you more about this unique clay-organ."  This chap also makes some great clay flutes.
Eliaz\Ocarinas - Metal Ocarinas made of Brass or Silver in a unique technique developed by us. - Johann is the Man!
Bryan Mumford, Crackpot Inventor - "Mr. Mumford began his crackpot career in the 1970's by making a variety of stringed musical instruments."
LEARNING SITES~ - Ian's Ocarina Site.  Wonderfully enthusiastic page!!
THE WHISTLEPRESS - "Clay Whistles...the voice of clay"  (copyright 1989) is a book that has been helping teachers, craftspeople, and many other interested folks since 1990 to learn how to successfully create clay whistles and ocarinas, and hear" the voice of clay ". Try a search at for the book.
American Recorder Article - "The Clay Pot That Sings"
SUAN GUESS-HANSON - Exploring Ocarinas as Art and Music.  This site is loaded with references, how-tos.
GOSSETT POTTERY - Amy Gossett's beautiful pottery and enthusiasm for whistle building.
Make a Card Stock Ocarina - Complete with blueprint...
How to make a Gemshorn - An Ocarina made from an animals horn.  Also, see the Horseball pages.
Chris's Song Collection - You will need to download Ed's Ocarina Font to read this file, so we will send you right to that page.
Instruction Book -  Instruction book for ten-hole Ocarina - "Classic" - after Donat
Ruthie Bitton "101 Songs for the Ocarina" [ILLUSTRATED] - Songbook with the 4-Hole 'English Style System' to play a 101 songs.
GRUPPO OCARINISTICO BUDRIESE - The Ocarina Group from Budrio.  You can get to this page via Fabio's site under 'Makers', but Cedro has asked for a link, as well, and well they should have a link. - "Mose Tapiero Ocarina Discography"  A most informative page on John Gibb's (Acting Head, Music Library University of Washington) site.
George Kelischek - "To impress those high-tech computer types, tell them what an Ocarina really is: an animal-activated-solid-state-multi-frequency-sound-synthesizer."
ANDY From OcarinaClub - "...a song that I recorded using an Ocarna I found in my attic - I just love this thing!"
WindWorld - If you have an interest in musical instruments, with an emphasis on the out-of-the-ordinary, you're in the right place.
Cathal McConnell (Boys Of The Lough), - "The greatest thing about the whistle flute is that it plays the notes that don't exist, that is, the cracks between the keys and even the cracks between the cracks."
HOWARD LEVY - The world's Best Harmonica player...and he plays a mean Ocarina, too!!! 
"THE GOOSE" - The Goose is the first-class professional ocarina players group established in Japan, consisting of five ocarina players, one harpist and one guitarist. Let us explain all the activities of "The Goose"!
David W Solomons - David W Solomons' Music site.  David has composed some great music for the Ocarina.  CLICK HERE FOR VIEWING THE SCORES AND DOWNLOADING THE MIDIS
Chris G. (a.k.a.- Black Chihuahua) :=)’ - BearPawOcarina1.wav and BearPawOcarina2.wav for more. - Whistling water vessels studied by Daniel Statnekov.
Dennis Silverman - Another fan!  We look forward to meeting this Chap.  Great Songlist.  Also see his site at -  The hun is an ocarina made of baked clay, particularly clay mixed with buckwheat flower.
Ocarinaclub e-mail discussion - Great beginnings to an e-mail discussion list for Ocarina enthusiasts.
FLUTENET/GLEN ROSS - One of our Favorite Trombone players and his Merry Fluters.
ROMY BENTON - The Finest American Made Bamboo Wind Instruments we know of.  Great CD. See "Friends" for more of Romy.
JAPANESE FLUTES - Syoji Yamaguchi's very extensive site concerning Traditional Japanese Flutes.
JAMES GALWAY - The One and Only....
FLUTEWISE - For flute players everywhere.
CHIFF AND FIPPLE - "Welcome to chiff & fipple, the ultimate guide to the instrument known as the tinwhistle, pennywhistle, Irish whistle, or just plain whistle.  You will find more information here than any reasonable person would want." - from the pages...
JANAKA ALSO MAKES FLUTES - This is a small sampling of the variety of bamboo flutes that I make...aside from the 'usual' tunings, such as the Minor Pentatonic for the Shakuhachis and Native Flutes, I create a variety of flutes with 'alternative' tunings...
SOUND CREATIONS - Have a Virtual Flute Lesson! "So far you have learned that a simple flute with only six holes can play fifteen separate tones. You may be surprised that it can play ten more." - Another member from the 'Little Treasury of Folk Wind Instrument Makers'.  Extensive line of bamboo instruments, reeded as well as flutes.
JENNIFER GRADY - Links to websites of interest to flute players of all ages and skill levels.
DR. KIETH PETTWAY - Papa Smurf in Black and White.
JACKIE ARONOWITZ Flute Studios - From the Inland Empire in Southern California.
LARRY KRANTZ - Etudes for all, *The Big Guy* of Flute Sites.
EXPERIMENTAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - If you have an interest in musical instruments, with an emphasis on the out-of-the-ordinary, you're in the right place.
MUSICIANS (we know and love)~
JIM HINDE - Download a sample from "Getting Fat In  New York City".
Artis_the_Spoonman/ - "... best spoonplayer in the whole damn universe" - Pete Seeger  "What did he eat for breakfast, gunpowder?" - Lacy J. Dalton
AXEL MUNDI-is a musician, poet, actor; a veteran of the Sixties counterculture and the Nineties Seattle Music Scene.
HOWARD LEVY - The world's Best Harmonica player...and he plays a mean Ocarina , too!!!
NANCY STEWART -An old friend and good patron,  creator of extraordinary Children's Music.
WASHBOARD WILLY - With his own kind of energy, Washboard Willy has become a Pied Piper of Rhythm in children of all ages.
DIAMOND FIST WERNY - Todd Werny's and Greg Stewart's band.
BLUE SUEDE NEWS - Marc Bristol and the "House Organ Of The church Of Rock And Roll".
LEE OSKAR - "There's no one in the pop music world quite like Lee Oskar."
JEFFREY BLOOM - "Spirit of the Islands" and "Liquid Space" -
ERIC TINGSTAD AND NANCY RUMBEL - Great acoustic music featuring guitar, oboe and OCARINA -  See Wooden Double Ocarina under "Makers" for link to the folks who make some of the Ocarinas used by Nancy.
TANIA OPLAND & MIKE FREEMAN - We spend most of our time on the road, bringing a stack of acoustic instruments and our own blend of culturally diverse music to concert venues, festivals and schools around the globe.
ARTISTS AT PIKE PLACE - Main Arts and Crafts Daystall Roster at Pike Place Market.
CHUCK PEFLEY - "A diversified file of 12,000+ color transparencies..."
PAUL SLOAN - He lives on a small llama farm northeast of Seattle and is a featured artist.
TERRY GRAVES - Old-fashioned toys that encourage creativity! Tracy Lang, Gregg Anderson, Steve Jones and more...
NORTH STAR TRADING COMPANY - Makers of fine Sheepskin and Leather Goods.
PORTEOUS MINES - Fine Jasper (Picture Rock) excellantly set.
NEW PUBLIC ART AT THE MARKET - Why there are not any Japanese-American Farmers at the Market.  Where they went...
ED NEWBOLD - Our favorite Bird-Watcher.
RHONDA GUILFORD - Fine Handcrafted Cloisonne Jewelry.
TOM AND LAURA - Real Live Stick Horses and Masquerades.
CLAUDIA RICE KELLY - Stuffed Shirt Tie Company, Clip On Bow Ties and More...
OPENAIR-MARKET NET - The World Wide Guide to Farmers' Markets, Street Markets, Flea Markets and Street Vendors.
WANDERER'S MAIL SERVICE - Welcome to Wanderers’ Mail Services. This year marks our 92nd anniversary.  Established in 1909 to help the wandering men of the sea and prospectors...
S>U>B P<O<P - The Grunge Years, before and after.
CITY FISH - Our personal favorite...
PIKE AND WESTERN WINE SHOP - The "Wine Department" in Pike Place Market Since 1975.
DANNY'S WONDER FREEZE - If a great hot dog and ice cream Stand was music, The Wonderfreeze would be a brass band.
PIKE PLACE FISH - Under the Clock. (Never buy fish that flys after it is dead!)
PURE FOOD FISH - In the center of the Main Arcade.  Serving the Pacific Northwest since 1911.
KEN KESEY & PRANKSTERS - Take an intrepid trip. "Hit the "reload" button in your browser when you log in to make sure you get the fresh stuff."
JASON WEBLEY - Mukilteo is not just the Home of the Boeing Commercial Aircraft plant, Clayzeness Whistleworks and the Ferry to Whidbey Island, is also Home to the irrepressible Jason.
ROMY BENTON - The Finest American Made Bamboo Wind Instruments we know of.  Great CD. Click HERE for a .wav file of Romy playing one of his Bamboo Bass Clarinets.
LEMN SISSAY - Another friend in Manchester.
A. SLOW LORIS - The slow loris is a nocturnal arboreal mammal,  Nycticebus coucang, of Southeast Asia, noted for  its deliberate, almost dreamlike movements and its tenacious grip. "I am a writer, I have always been a writer."
AMERICAS SHRINE TO MUSIC MUSEUM - Be sure to read about Arne Larson!
SURVIVAL - Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School
GUTHRIE THOMAS - Runs Distribution Network Of Independent Recording Artists.  Go See>
SONG OF THE SEA - Terrific Music Store in Bar Harbor, Maine.
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