"From Mud to Music" - The Book
by Barry Hall

From Mud to Music
Making and enjoying ceramic musical instruments

"The most exciting pottery book to come along in years." - Sumi von Dassow, Pottery Making Illustrated Magazine

From Mud to Music is the only comprehensive book written on the fascinating topic of ceramic musical instruments. In the book and its companion CD, author Barry Hall explores the astounding array of instruments made from clay, from ancient times through today’s modern innovators. All instrument families are represented - drums, winds, strings, and even unique hybrids – with detailed descriptions of how the instruments work and how to make them. This large hardcover book with over 500 color photographs and a 74-minute audio compact disc features the work of over 100 ceramic artists from around the world spanning the last three millennia, from ancient Peruvian water whistles and Mesopotamian rattles to contemporary seven-chambered ocarinas and globular horns.

Barry Hall is the founder of Burnt Earth Ceramic Musical Instruments and leader of the Burnt Earth Ensemble, a musical group that performs exclusively on ceramic instruments. His ceramic instruments and music have been featured on a variety of recordings including Gravikords, Whirlies and Pyrophones, Didgeridoo Planet, and 10,000 Thunderstorms by Free Energy.

Related events
"From Mud to Music" was also the name of a series of exhibits, lectures and concerts in 1986 and 1987, organized by Richard and Sandi Schmidt of Clayzeness Whistleworks. Stay tuned for important information about the Reprise of "From Mud To Music" Group Show and Performances.  Visit HERE for further updates.

The old meets the new, as a dinosaur shaped clay ocarina looks up the sound end of a
pre-Columbian, three hole clay penny whistle.

"Ceramic Sounds"
A national survey of clay musical instruments to delight
the ear as well as the eye.
April 3 through April 27, 1986
Ceramics Gallery
Pioneer Square

"From Mud to Music"
A national survey of clay musical instruments.
June 4-24, 1987
The Clay Occasion Gallery
Pike Place Market

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