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>Subject: Re: Question [Wooden Ocarinas]

>Musser Optometry wrote:

I came across a wooden item with holes in it at antique store. Could it have been an ocarina? Can they be wooden and an oval shaped with a small extension on one side?

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>BUY IT ! >

>wooden ocarinas are quite rare and if it is well made is worth many >happy hours. to be sure that it is ok take a player with you to test it -or >simply try it yourself.


.>Subject: Re: Question [Hohner ocarinas]

>Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 20:40:14 +0100



Casey, I was pushed for time replying to your inquiry. Could be that M.Hohner a quality manufacturer produced fair ocarinas. your find -a pair of Hohner ocarinas-could be worth from $200-500 to a collector.

H VIEHN ocarinas

Various commercial makers mass-produced ocarinas in the Italian style:Heinrich,Hans or Hardy Fiehn or Viehn mass-produced ocarinas in the Italian style: an entrepreneur who attempted to swamp the ocarina market by getting in fast and heavy at various turn of the century "Expositions", He did Australia,and by the change of spelling to Fiehn it proves that he adapted to stubborn US preference for US English pronunciation.(the British are very arogant in this respect too!)

photo by Neville Claughton.

Depending on its quality of tone and tuning,its rarity, appearance and condition it should be worth from $50-200 or more to a collector.1879-thanks for the info.I would like your permission to use the Image you kindly enclosed on a future virtual museum page.

I heard from Richard Schmidt that he bought one (a Mezzetti-for a normal collector worth much more than Veihn's)at e.bay for $15 (I paid the equivalent of $50 -10 years ago for mine-and I bought it from a friend who repairs musical instruments). yours appears to be in good original condition. Depending on rarity (Ive had 2 emails about H.Viehn ocarinas made for the Sydney exposition of the same vintage-fast work in exporting -when I can waltz into Vienna I would like to research !) I am very curious to hear your sound too.Which reminds me to get sound files up asap. -to continue ,rarity and PERFORMANCE on the top note in particular. The top note should sound sweet and broad. The quality even Notes precise.

DONATI ocarina.
If you are an executive insure for $1-2K ,but maybe a collector would be content to look for another with $500. Another antiquarian /muscian/collector would buy for 10 thousand dollars for a prime example (A little time from now). DONT risk playing in uncarpeted areas!!! I suspect,that since they are made of pottery and were were used by MUSICIANS and tyros they are likely to be quite rare. Although in factory conditions, a supervisor could check an unfired ocarina at the rate of one or two a minute. Really Andy,the value of an ocarina is entirely arbitary. Look forward to hearing your recording

Most probably Fabio Menaglio of Budrio Nr Bologna -when I met hin in 97 he had what he claimed was an original Donati ocarina hanging on the wall. You will find him listed as a prominent maker on our ocarina links pages. Otherwise you can try the ocarina museum in Budrio-I dont know of any other way you could verify its provenance.


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